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Bobcat 325 Error Codes

Bobcat 325 Error Codes were written to give the owner / operator instructions on the safe operation and maintenance of the Bobcat vehicle.

Viewing Service Codes At Bobcat 325

Press the Information button to cycle the data display until the service code screen is displayed. If more than one service code is present, the codes will scroll on the data display.

Bobcat 325 Vehicle


Shipping Length Of Unit 4196mm
Max Cutting Height 4055mm
Shipping Height Of Unit 2357mm
Max Loading Height 2779mm
Max Reach Along Ground 50797.97mm
Max Vertical Wall Digging Depth 1801mm
Max Digging Depth 30662.88mm
Boom/Stick Option (Hex) 1 Stick 1050mm
Width To Outside Of Tracks 1395.99mm
Length Of Track On Ground 1380mm
Height To Top Of Cab 2356.11mm
Tail Swing Radius 1162mm
Removal Counterweight Clearance 532mm


Shoe Size 320mm
Track Gauge 1078mm
Ground Pressure 29kPa
Max Travel Speed 3.06km/h

Specifications Engine

Engine Make 2334
Engine Model D1703-M-E2B
Gross Power 20.7kw
Power Measured @ 2200rpm
Displacement 1.6L


Operating Weight 2787.4kg
Fuel Capacity 53.3L
Hydraulic Pump Flow Capacity 66.2L/min
Swing Mechanism Swing Speed 9.2rpm


Always use the serial number of the loader when requesting service information or when ordering parts. Early or later models (identification made by serial number) may use different parts, or it may be necessary to use a different procedure in doing a specific service operation.

Serial Number

Bobcat 325 serial number plate is located on the outside of the loader frame.

Explanation of Serial Number:

  1. The four digit Model / Engine Combination Module number identifies the model number and engine combination.
  2. The five digit Production Sequence Number identifies the order which the loader is produced.

Bobcat 325 Error Code List

View list of Bobcat 325 model fault codes.

Totally 3843 bobcat fault codes.


AF - Air Filter

b - Battery

FUEL - Fuel Level

HC - Hydraulic Oil Temperature

HF1 - Hydraulic Charge Filter

HF2 - Engine Return Filter

EC - Engine Coolant Temperature

ECL - Engine Coolant Level

EP - Engine Oil Pressure

ES - Engine Speed

HP - Hydraulic Oil Pressure

uP - BOSS Warning

-1 - Shutdown (Engine can be restarted for 30 second periods to move loader)

-2 - Warning

-3 - Wiring Not Connected

-4 - Wiring Shorted

-5 - High Sensor Voltage

-6 - No Signal

-7 - Out of Range

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